Cover Care Manager

When did you join Gardiner’s and what is your background in care?

I joined Gardiners in October of 2018.  I originally trained as a staff nurse at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and went on to specialise in respiratory nursing and cardiac care nursing.  I was also an Ofsted approved childminder for a number of years before retraining and moving into primary school education.  Prior to starting at Gardiner’s, I taught Year 6 at a local primary school.

Why the care industry?

My first love has always been caring as I have a passion for working with vulnerable people and enabling them to be as independent as possible.

What makes Gardiner’s Homecare different?

I chose Gardiners because they had such a good reputation and great reviews – I agreed with their ethos of care and during the recruitment process I was treated very professionally.

What’s your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement has been achieving a degree with honours in my 40’s whilst bringing up my 3 children single-handedly and working a part time job!

What are your five favourite things?

My 5 favourite things are reading, crafting, exercising, boxsets and roast dinners…


Alex’s email address is [email protected]