Care Manager

Claire joined Gardiner’s as a Care Worker in September 2016.  In June 2018 Claire joined our office team and will be taking on the role of Care Manager full time from September 2018.

Read a little more about Claire…

When did you join Gardiner’s and what is your background in care?

I joined Gardiner’s Homecare two years ago having been in the care and education sectors working with special needs children and young adults for eighteen years.

I worked on a special needs summer camp for three years and then as a Teaching Assistant in a special needs school as well as respite care and running a special needs holiday club for ten years before starting a family.

Why the care industry?

I chose to work in care as after working on a special needs summer camp I was hooked! Its challenging yet rewarding and the difference a care worker can make is amazing.

What makes Gardiner’s Homecare different?

Gardiner’s Homecare is different and unique as they revolve around person centred care. They have the utmost respect for both their employees and their service users which enables them to provide a second to none experience.

What’s your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is having our two gorgeous girls.

What are your five favourite things?

  • My family who make me who I am, but especially my daughters who make me smile every day.
  • My husband for always being there and supporting me.
  • My best friends who I’d be lost without.
  • Reading as it is relaxing and enables me to tune out of my day.
  • Going to the beach and relaxing.