Training Manager

Diana Pattinson

Diana is currently on maternity leave.

Diana joined Gardiner’s in February 2016 as a Deputy Care Manager and was promoted to the role of Care Manager in January 2018.

Diana returned from maternity leave in June 2019, to a new position as Training Manager and will be on maternity leave again from March 2020.

So Diana, what is your background in care?

In 2006 I joined the healthcare sector after completing my degree in Psychology.  Working as a care worker helped me understand the value of supporting people in the community.  It lit my passion for this sector.

Wanting to share my knowledge and experience, I later became a qualified lecturer.  I taught on the BTEC Health and Social Care and the Access to Higher Education healthcare pathways.  I really enjoyed being able to challenge people and help them achieve more.  Most of my students worked in the healthcare industry and I always felt touched by the stories and experiences they shared through our many heated class debates.  It gave me such great joy to feel their love and dedication to their profession.  Seeing the difference they made inspired to do more.

Eager to “practice what I preached” I joined Gardiner’s in February 2016.  I feel extremely lucky to find an organization that fully supports my commitment to making a difference.

Why the care industry?

It has a real purpose.  I chose to study Psychology to understand myself and others, in order to be able to help people.  But nothing helped me achieve this better than actually working in healthcare, being so close to people and being challenged every day to want to do more, to want to become better.  I find the healthcare system in the UK fascinating, the freedom it gives individuals through the different levels of support is matched in few other countries.

What makes Gardiner’s Homecare different?

The care, the dedication, the attention to detail.  Having worked in compliance, I just love when things are done right :)!  Nothing makes me happier than working for a company that is appreciated by everyone, both those that work for Gardiner’s and those that we provide care for.  All the words of praise and feeling that we do make a real difference!  I enjoy going to work, I feel that I am doing something meaningful.  We have an amazing team and everyone is extremely helpful!

What is Diana proudest achievement?

Making it in the big wide world whilst hanging onto my greatest ambition – to be able to give something back and support others.  I left my home country in 2001 and I have been extremely fortunate to meet amazing people that helped me become who I am today.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt from working in the care sector?

Caring is not about treating people how you want to be treated, but treating people how they want to be treated.  Taking the time and having the patience to understand an individual. To accept others for who they are and respect their decisions, even if you might think it’s not the right one.  Because it’s not about you, it’s about them.

What are your five favourite things?

  • Family – they mean so much to me and have always supported me in everything I do!
  • Friends – for putting up with me 🙂 and sticking with me through thick and thin!
  • Mountains – after a challenging hike, you just feel you’ve conquered the world.
  • Travelling – if I could live twice, I’d spend one whole life travelling.
  • Making a difference, because we only live once.


Diana’s email address is [email protected] – Diana is currently on maternity leave.