Virtual Dementia Tour

On Thursday 23rd November 2017, Gardiner’s ran a Virtual Dementia Tour for 36 lucky members of our team.  The Virtual Dementia Tour is an opportunity to focus on what dementia is like for the person rather than the care giver.  It is the closest experience that can be given to a person with a healthy brain of what dementia might be like – scary, intimidating, confusing and also a feeling of vulnerability.  As you will read from the feedback below, the Virtual Dementia Tour had a real impact on our team.

According to the Alzheimer’s Society there are around 850,000 people in the UK with dementia.  One in 14 people over 65 will develop dementia, and the condition affects 1 in 6 people over 80.  The number of people with dementia is increasing because people are living longer.  By understanding dementia from the person’s point of view we can change practice, reduce issues and improve lives.

Virtual dementia tour

When is the next Virtual Dementia Tour?

We have another session booked for Weds 17th January 2018 with further dates in 2018 to follow.  All Gardiner’s staff will attend the training.

Can people external to Gardiner’s attend the Virtual Dementia Tour?

We have been encouraged by our team to offer the opportunity to attend to family members and the wider community.  To register your interest please email [email protected] – please note that we will need to make a charge to cover the cost of training and a small donation to the Alzheimer’s society.

Virtual Dementia Tour

Feedback from our team about the Virtual Dementia Tour:

  • Marissa – “Fantastic session. I really enjoyed it.”
  • Suki – “A wonderful insight in to Dementia. Excellent training.”
  • Carla – “I found the experience very interesting. Being able to see through the eyes of a person with dementia gives a better understanding and empathy.  It can be intense and emotional.”
  • Rafia – “Very enlightening, extremely useful and excellent delivery. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”
  • Clara – “Very good. It was interesting and a great insight into how people with dementia are living with this illness.”
  • Marian – “Fantastic course – has given me a real insight in to dementia.”
  • Karen – “The experience was just amazing, giving you a real insight into the life of someone with dementia.”
  • Paula – “I really enjoyed the experience, a real eye opener.”
  • Colleen – “Fantastic virtual dementia training.”
  • Julie – “Brilliant session – really informative and extremely useful.”
  • Sarah – “Excellent…. Should be compulsory in caring for dementia.”
  • Kelly – “Excellent insight to the difficulties of someone living with dementia experience with daily living. Very good training session.”

Click here to learn more about how Gardiner’s can help you to care for a loved one suffering from Dementia.


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